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BookRazor helps independent authors get more reviews for their book by finding potential reviewers from books similar to their own. We look for people who are most likely to read and love your book, saving you time so you can do what you do best: write!


Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Well Worth the Money

I randomly stumbled across BookRazor, and decided to give it a shot. I quickly found out they are miracle workers. The results they get you are well worth the money. They do the tedious boring work for you and do hell of a job.

It couldn't have gone any better. It took a little longer then expected since all the books like mine are older. Because of this a lot of the information they were finding was outdated. But this is where they really proved themselves. Instead of cutting corners and just using it anyway, they got back to me and asked for more suggestions. Dane at BookRazor even threw a couple extra bells and whistles my way for the inconvenience.

Once I got my results, I heard back from more than half. As a result, I doubled my reviews on Amazon, and even got a Top 500 reviewer to leave me a 5 star review. The reviews are even still coming in.

As a first time writer, I sometimes feel like I just throw money at stuff and see if it works. I threw money at this, and for once, it was actually a good use of money.

BookRazor is a genius idea, and I will definitely use them in the future.

Tyson Marie

First Experience with BookRazor

Was a great one. I didn't know what to expect. Once I worked my way through it - understanding wise - the benefits of this service just ballooned in value and importance.

The premise is realistic. The results are there, for you to see, and your efforts in contacting possible reader/reviewers actually yield results. That's more than many other services that deal with reader-reviews can claim - or promise.

Out of 80 reader/reviewers contacted, 22 responded and 2 of those declined to review. The remaining 20 asked for the book, received it, and most of them contacted me afterward to say they received the book and would be reading it; some even gave me their time-frame as to when I might expect their review.

This was a hugely positive experience for me. Thank you, BookRazor.

Edita Petrick

This is a GREAT Service!

I was very impressed with the results I had using the emails addresses from BookRazor. Out of the 50 people I contacted, about 15 replied and asked for copies of my books, and most of them have already posted reviews.

Since I was able to target based on their reading interests, I was able to find readers who like my kind of book. It was a win/win. Some of the email addresses ended up being for book bloggers, and I have started some great new relationships!

I was also quite impressed with the follow up I received from BookRazor. It was all prompt and polite. It's a professionally run service and one I'll definitely use again!

As a side note, after I mentioned BookRazor to a friend of mine, she was ready to sign up as well because she'd just tried doing the very same thing on her own. She had spent two days coming up with 50 email addresses of potential reviewers. For the price, she figured she would have been better off having BookRazor do the work so she could have been writing.

Also, there is a great tool at: where you can enter your book name and it provides you with a graphic report of books related to yours on Amazon. I used this to help find sample books to send to BookRazor. I also found books based on some searches I did on the Amazon site.

Sheridan J.

Going the Extra Mile!

Hit a couple of snags as a first-time user of BookRazor's service. Sent a note to Dane and he responded immediately.

His professional, customer-first attitude was refreshing and turned what could have been a less-than-satisfying experience into a 100% positive one -- with terrific results. I will be using BookRazor again for my next book.

Thank you Dane!


Why You Need To Get Reviews For Your Book

Increase Sales

The number of reviews you have is one of the greatest factors influencing your overall ranking and book sales. 


More reviews equals greater credibility. Your family and friends shouldn't be the only people supporting your book!

Receive Public Feedback

Get feedback from your readers and learn how you can make your next book even better!


Are you feeling discouraged? Reading the positive reviews on your book can fire up your writing energy levels.

Is This Your Experience?

Frustrated trying to get reviews
  • You’d like to get more book reviews, but have no idea where to start?
  • You’ve started looking for more reviews, but nothing has worked so far?
  • Experts who recommend asking your list for reviews (while you have no list) or putting a review request in your book (while you have little sales because of little to no reviews) get on your nerves?

The (sad) reality is that…

Most Ways to Get Reviews DON’T Work!

The following common methods of getting reviews do not work:

  • Family & FriendsAsking your family and friends for reviews is against the policies of e-book retailers.
  • Exchanging Reviews: Exchanging reviews (review swaping) is prohibited.
  • Review Request in the Book: Putting a review request in your book won’t change anything if you’re not getting any sales due to not having any reviews.
  • Paid Reviews: Paying for reviews is prohibited and unethical (why would you lie to your readers?).
  • Social MediaAll authors beg for reviews on social media. Good luck getting results.
  • Free Promotions: Free promotions don’t work unless you get thousands of downloads (good luck getting them with no reviews).

It seems like a vicious cycle. Get more sales to get more reviews, but how do you get more sales if you have no reviews? Fortunately, there’s an alternative

Introducing ...!

We’re sharp as a razor when it comes to finding potential reviewers.
You write, we seek out potential reviewers who enjoy reading books in your genre!

Here's how it works. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Send us links to books similar to your own

The more reviews each book has, the better. That’s where we’ll find your potential reviewers, and that means better results for you! We typically find ~50 qualified email addresses for every 3,000 reviews we go through.

We get to work

We seek out potential reviewers based on the books you provided. During our research, we only gather the contact information of people who have shared their email address publicly on their reviewer profile. We interpret this to mean they have an interest in receiving review requests.

Contact potential reviewers

When we’re done, we’ll send you a spreadsheet with the contact information of people most likely to be interested in reading and reviewing your book. You send them a quick email requesting a review (we provide a sample outreach template), reply to people who are interested in reading your book and wait for your reviews to roll in!

How Effective is Your Service?

  • We focus on finding reviewers most likely to read and review your book. For this reason, instead of looking for the highest number of reviewers, we look for the most relevant ones.
  • ​We could give you a list of 1,000 people reviewing a certain genre, but it’s not going to be an effective use of your time. You want to email as few people as possible while getting as many reviews as possible.
  • That’s why we only browse through the reviews of similar books you provide to us, and not through the entire genre and/or related genres. While it limits the number of potential reviewers we can find, we've found it greatly increases the response and review rate.
  • Below is an average of all our results as reported to us thus far (please note that this is an average, and your own results may vary).
100 Potential reviewers emailed
33 % Replies (including rejections)
14 Reviews received

What Our Clients Say

My results using BookRazor, which I’m very happy with: contacted potential reviewers about a week before No Dreams Allowed went live, and from 50 emails … 48 contacted … 20 didn’t respond … 2 said no (both very polite) … 26 said yes to an ARC — and as of now, about a week and a half after the book came out, those 26 ‘yes’ answers have generated 16 reviews, all of them four and five stars (book also has one review that didn’t come from a BookRazor email) — most reviews were posted within the first couple of days after publication, and all reviewers who contacted me were very friendly and easy to work with — even got a couple of mailing list signups out of it, sweet … Plus now I have a ready-made list of people I can contact about the next book 🙂

Sonora Seldon
No Dreams Allowed: A Billionaire Romance

How Much Does it Cost?

See our product table below. All work is 100% manually researched with care.


potential reviewers

(we need ~3,000 total book reviews to research)

  • reviewer name
  • book reviewed
  • email address
  • reviewer profile
  • email template
  • completed in 4-7 days



potential reviewers

(we need ~8,000 total book reviews to research)

  • reviewer name
  • book reviewed
  • email address
  • reviewer profile
  • email template
  • completed in 4-7 days



potential reviewers

(we need ~15,000 total book reviews to research)

  • reviewer name
  • book reviewed
  • email address
  • reviewer profile
  • accolades (VINE, etc.)
  • review URL
  • email template
  • completed in 5-9 days




potential reviewers

(we need ~40,000 total book reviews to research)

  • reviewer name
  • book reviewed
  • email address
  • reviewer profile
  • accolades (VINE, etc.)
  • review URL
  • email template
  • completed in 7-9 days


Have an order larger than 500? Please reach out to us via our Contact Page!


We Stand by Our Service

We dislike services that make authors pay and don’t generate any results for them (we’re looking at you, most promo sites!). Your budget is already tight enough. Use our service risk-free. We back our service with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our service, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Please note that there isn't much we can do if your genre has little or no reviews. If your book is in a broader and more popular genre (romance and horror, we're looking at you), it will be simpler to order larger amounts of potential reviewers.

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