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How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon For Free

how to get book reviews on amazon for free - bookrazor

As an independent author, getting reviews for your book is probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. Where do you start? Who do you ask? How does it even work? This is a complete step by step systematic process to give you a near unlimited amount of reviews for your book. Most […]

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An Insider’s Guide to Kindle Scout

BookRazor - All About Kindle Scout

If you haven’t heard of Kindle Scout…I’m not surprised. After all, Amazon’s newest publishing venture debuted at the beginning of 2015, and the first Kindle Scout books have barely been out for a year.Even if you have heard of the program, most of what you’ve read has probably been speculation. “Kindle Scout says they might […]

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The Key to Consistent Long-Term E-book Sales on Amazon

Most authors see a huge drop in sales a mere 30 days (if not less) after releasing their book, while others maintain consistent sales for months or even longer. What’s the secret that helps achieve long-term e-book sales on Amazon? In this post, you’ll find the answer based on my experience as a non-fiction author who’s […]

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Can You Succeed without Marketing Your Books?

There’s no question that most authors dislike marketing with a passion. They would rather focus on writing than promoting their works. After all, they argue, you’re a writer, not a marketer, right? If you share this attitude, how likely are you to achieve success? Is it possible at all to focus on writing and still […]

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