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The reach out phase and review phase are probably the most important phases of any book launch. Getting leads with BookRazor works so well that I am making it a permanent part of my process AND integrating it in my book marketing school at www.Zbooks.co! – April 5, 2016

Eric Z,


I used Book Razor to generate some new email addresses for ongoing book promotion. I expected to get a bunch of email addresses, but what I didn’t expect was to get a personal email from Martin. His service and support was unbelievable — if you get the chance to work with him, do it!

Nick Thacker,


I recently used the service and was THRILLED with the number of reviewer names and how quickly they got them to me. I had a couple questions and suggestions in the process and Martin responded personally very quickly. Having said that, my book isn’t yet complete so I’ve not yet reached out to the names on the list. But I think it’s a no-brainer at the price point he’s offering.

Kevin Kruse,


I was really happy with the list I received, I’ve emailed 14 people so far and 6 have already replied, one of them has reviewed two books I sent her this morning – craziness. 🙂 Definitely a great service which I would recommend.

A. Alpha,


I wanted to update you with my results so far, and thank you again for your hard work. I’ve sent 72 review requests, out of which I have gotten 14 responses thus far. 12 of these responses were people who agreed to review my book. This is a fantastic response rate – much better than my previous attempts to find potential reviewers. One person has posted their review already! I’ll give you updated numbers if I get more responses. Thanks again for this fantastic service.

Zed Amadeo,


I am thrilled to have found BookRazor. It was quick, efficient, and incredibly accurate. My reader base has now gone international. And it’s because of BookRazor. I highly recommend.

Kalan Chapman Lloyd,

The MisAdventures of Miss Lilly

I believe that historical mystery was a difficult subgenre to find as many as I asked for, so I appreciate that they didn’t just find any old historical fiction and concentrated on historical mysteries. Out of the 75 reviewer emails that Book Razor gave me, I ended up after about two weeks with 28 who said yes. I did offer to mail print copies which increased the number since a few only accepted those. It also increases the cost, of course, so not everyone might want to do that. As of two weeks later, 10 of the 28 have posted reviews on Amazon. (I have a review from someone who has reviewed my work in the past as well which increases the total by one). However, the reviews are still coming in. Two were posted yesterday and a couple of reviewers emailed me that they are still reading and will post reviews soon. One reviewer also posted the review on her blog and another has said she will do so, which increases visibility. I am quite pleased with the results.

J. R. Tomlin,

The Templar's Cross: A Medieval Mystery

I sent about 100 emails out about a month ago. I got 26 replies. Of those 19 were interested in reviewing. From those 19, I got 7 reviews so far. All the reviews were positive and 5 of them were 5 stars which speaks well of the BookRazor tactic of selecting reviewers from the pool of those who have favorably reviewed similar books. Overall, delighted with the service. Would recommend and use again.

David J. Normoyle,


I sent requests to a list of 50 names. I had 24 positive responses from the initial email (yes, will review) and so far 8 have posted reviews on Amazon… all positive, 4- and 5- star reviews. I may follow up with the people who agreed to review but have not yet (politely, of course! :)) this coming week, just to see if any more reviews come through. Overall, I had a very positive experience with BookRazor and I’ll be coming back when I finish book 2 of this series. 🙂

S. W. Vaughn,

Terminal Consent

I bought 50 potential ARC reader emails from Bookrazor – got a list with 56 out of which I think about 20 replied with Yes. My title has been up for 4 days now, counting 15 reviews, most of which – as far as I can tell – came from bookrazor ARC readers. There’s still a few left who told me they’d need a little while to write their review. But all in all I am pretty satisfied and would definitely recommend this service – especially for people (like me) who are just starting out with a new ARC team! 🙂

Linnea May,

His Secret Muse

I used Bookrazor for my latest release WRECKED. I paid for 100 contacts. I set up the free review copies through Instafreebie using a link in the e-mail. I received 25 yes replies. At least five of these mentioned how swamped they were with review requests and when did I need the review by? I told each of them that whenever they could would be fine. I didn’t want to pressure anyone. In hind sight if I’d thrown a date at them maybe I would have garnered more. Of the 25 that said yes, 16 actually followed through and reviewed the book. I followed up with Thank You e-mails and received 11 replies that they would be happy to review again for me. I gave 38 copies away through Instafreebie which means 13 people took it but didn’t respond either way, which is fine. Overall I couldn’t be happier with my results from bookrazor. Everyone that replied was courteous, willing to help and surprisingly professional. I’ll be using them again.

Abbey Caine,